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  • The company details
    The company details

    Meiselui is an innovative, domestic, with independent intellectual property rights of metal ceramic material research and development production company

  • Product and brand number
    Product and brand number

    Meiselui mainly produces cermet products; The company has been producing cermet products for the third generation ...

  • Cermet grinding technology
    Cermet grinding technology

    1 Why are cermet products more difficult to process than hard alloy products?It is the consensus of most grindi

  • Metallurgical technology of metal ceramics
    Metallurgical technology of metal ceramics

    1 What are the difficulties in the production of cermets?The production difficulty of cermet mainly lies in the

  • After-sales service
    After-sales service

    1 What is your delivery date?The warehouse has spot: 3 days, there is spot but no grinding of 3+N pieces &div