EMOL2019 is the second annual test of the European International Machine Tool Sh

Exhibition giant, leading the industry
EMO is mechanical manufacturing technology of the world's top professional exhibition, to show the world's largest scale, exhibits types available, leading the world, merchants of exhibition, the exhibition exhibits level population large and is famous for its highest professional degrees, in the global metal processing industry of national economic and trade delegation, purchasing, machine tool industry experts and technical personnel and business people have indisputable attraction. It is the window of the industry, the epitome and trend pulsation of the market, and also the best market platform for Chinese machine tool enterprises to the world.
Field bright spot, continue to shine
As a domestic leader in cermets, our products have been widely used in aerospace, automotive manufacturing, precision electronics, wind power, nuclear power, mold manufacturing, bearing processing and other fields. The quality standards of well-known industries ensure excellent performance and processing efficiency. From EMO Milan to IMTS Chicago, the company has been actively expanding the international market and seeking for a broader long-term cooperation for many years, which demonstrates the strength and determination of the company to compete with the European and American industry on the world stage. Emo2019, the same beauty and luxury, let the world see different.
From September 16, 2019 to September 21, 2019, the team of Mercure International Trade will bring the company's product series of cermet blades, rods, profiles, drawing dies, grinding wheels and so on. During the exhibition, Mercure showed the national characteristics of Chinese enterprises to the world audience, and attracted business representatives and agents from European and American countries to visit, negotiate and cooperate with the superior performance and cost performance of its products. In particular, the metal-cermet tool series, with exquisite technological advantages and special research and development potential, has won the recognition and praise of a large number of customers and peers on the scene, and has become the most concerned products in the tool field of the exhibition.
Mercure will turn the highlight of the booth into the firelight of ingenuity, illuminating a section of the road and passing on many people.

Digital extraordinary, thank you
The number of commercial approaches received by Mercure reached 136 batches;
Consultation at the same time the number of onlookers up to 34;
Exchange contact information 442 times;
Visit for a sample of 529 copies of this atlas.
Homeopathic growth, emerged
Through the introduction and customization of high-end equipment as well as independent innovation of scientific research and technology, Meiselui has built an automatic production line for the whole industry chain of cermets. From internal circulation production to sustainable development, from raw material preparation to finished products off the production line, from the market network of sinking terminal to the global marketing strategy, Meexaru cermet with international standard quality control system and the world's leading scientific and technological content to help customers calmly respond to all kinds of new requirements.
The increasingly normal environment of precision and fine manufacturing demands and the deep roots of 3C electronic products in human life have prompted the overall upgrading of the metal processing industry, and cermets fully provide the material characteristics required for cutting now and in the future. Thanks to this, and based on the cutting-edge quality of the product itself and the innovative concept of the research and development team, the sales volume of Mercure products in the domestic and foreign markets has increased year by year, and the market share has increased significantly.
In the era of Industry 4.0, Mercure continues to devote itself to technological innovation
The 6-day exhibition will fully demonstrate the central theme of Emo2019 "Intelligent Technology Drives Future Production", and various industrial fields will actively display cutting-edge products with the greatest achievements of science and technology. Under the framework of Industry 4.0, the world production is advancing towards the comprehensive transformation of digital and networked production. As a traditional trade show, EMO still maintains the momentum of vigorous development.
The exhibition is full of cutting-edge technology atmosphere, the ubiquitous new opportunities contain unlimited business opportunities. We thank EMO for providing a foundation of trust and communication for businesses, and for creating a social environment that promotes economic prosperity and openness.
In the field of cermet, Mercure will enhance its own professional strength through massive investment and technology research and development. From product technology innovation to system expansion concept, we will step forward to enable the era of Industry 4.0, and continue to provide high quality and leading cooperation for domestic and foreign customers.
See you in Milan in 2021.