The delegation from Meishan Ganmei Industrial Park visited the company for resea

Meishan city harmuz industrial park, on September 2, vice secretary of party working team, ruby chang rate with meishan economic development bureau, bureau of finance, administration, economic cooperation, emergency management agency, the ecological environment bureau, bureau of natural resources and mining, fabricated metal products, a new material industry of more than 70 people visit the chengdu beautiful luxury sharp new material co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "beauty of luxury sharp") investigation and research. Longquanyi District automotive industry functional zone management committee executive deputy director Liu Guosong and other accompanied the investigation. Yan Yan, General Manager of Metexure, gave a welcome speech to the visiting guests and expressed his gratitude to the government of Longquanyi Economic Development District for its administrative services and support to the company.

The delegation listened to Qiu Song, Liu Yi and Huang Jianhua, deputy general managers of Ymeexaru, respectively, report our technology accumulation in the field of powder metallurgy new materials, accompanied by a visit to the first phase of the factory, and shared the development and industry situation of cermet series products. The delegation expressed great praise for the international leading technological advantages of our company, and also further understood the sophisticated technology contained in the CNC blade as the "tooth" of mechanical processing. At the same time, the company's high cost to build digital, intelligent internal circulation equipment of environmental awareness and forward-looking strategy expressed praise.

Mercor and the delegation said that the two sides will further develop cooperation plans and seek development together. As a gazelle enterprise in Sichuan Province, Meigelui will continue to maintain the scientific and rigorous craftsman spirit, diligent and enterprising, and develop steadily. We should set an example in enterprise cooperation and government-enterprise cooperation, assume new responsibilities and jointly expand new prospects.