A cup of tea to talk about the road to entrepreneurship will be

Tea culture originated in Chengdu. In the era of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, when the word "entrepreneurship" has been incorporated into the national language system, reading the city, drinking tea, and the communication and interaction among entrepreneurs have endowed the cup of tea with new annotations of the era. A cup of tea, talk about entrepreneurship road, will be fellow passers-by.
Yesterday, in the special activity of "Entrepreneurship Tianfu Jing Rong Hui · Longquanyi", the second "Rong Drift Tea Recreation" between cups of tea, ushered in the founders of seven start-up enterprises, namely, Meexirui, Emerson, Fengfan Technology, Cloud Technology, Konghui Automobile, Wind kiln and Yunengtong Energy. Their entrepreneurship, in different areas, representing different technologies, from different cities, and in the special tea gathering, they have the same "rong drift" identity, tea gathering, between the parties talk is no longer just is a bottleneck of corporate entrepreneurship, the chat, have a Shared platform building, regional talent to attract, to create space to build the common proposition in the development of entrepreneurship.
Suggestions for government and enterprises to work together to gather automotive innovation talents
"I am the second generation of Rongpiao. My parents came to Chengdu for development with the third-tier construction." Liu Li, the founder of Chengdu Emerson Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. who graduated from Tsinghua University, is engaged in the development of new energy vehicle powertrain and related intelligent active safety control system.
Two years ago, Liu Li quit, car executive founded Yi Mosheng, "chengdu auto industry gradually from the initial production and processing to the transformation of research and development direction of smart, behind such a transformation, the need for more cars and cross support of technical personnel in the enterprise together build a more complete to attract high-end talent platform, for industry transformation and entrepreneurial innovation will be a lot of support."
Has just come down from Kim rong hui road of "70 after" the female boss, beauty and decoration, general manager of sharp new material YanYan, beauty of luxury sharp new materials, is also the only domestic ceramic materials research and development production enterprises, since the research item number has nearly ten thousand piece, "chengdu gives entrepreneurs a good platform, from the elements to the talented person, to the capital, the market docking, which we can quickly transform technology support."
We will build a public technology platform that thousands of households cannot live without
In recent years, Lv Jiming, General Manager of Chengdu Konghui Automobile Technology and Technology Co., Ltd., has been doing one thing continuously, which is to build a national-level public technical service platform for automobile chassis, which is developed for all enterprises. The service hours are increasing year by year.
"Start-up enterprises have a high investment in research and development. It is impossible for an enterprise to purchase large test equipment costing millions of dollars, but it is necessary for research and development." Lyu Jiming suggested that urban support for entrepreneurship and innovation can focus on building platforms and promoting sharing, planning and building public technology platforms that "one enterprise cannot afford to invest, and thousands of enterprises cannot afford to live without", and applying good steel to the cutting edge will greatly enhance the attractiveness of regional entrepreneurship and innovation ability. Referring to the construction of "platform", the "Rongpiao" European Junling, which also participated in the tea party, is to create an open and diversified platform with the ceramic theme of "Wind Kiln" in Luodai from the perspective of culture, and to build an online and offline interaction from the perspective of ceramic culture by connecting the platform with the platform.
Security breakers may escort public transport
In the "Rong Piao tea talk" scene, Feng Fan technology manager Dai Fanling came to a "reality show", a few millimeter thickness of glass, contact with his research and development of safety glass breaking device, apply a few kilograms of external force, almost a "gently", the intact glass was immediately spider mesh broken...... The device, which has been industrialized, has generated $5 million in revenue. After the on-site docking of "Rongpiao tea talk", this set of "Chengdu made" safety glass breaker may be applied to the emergency safety device of Chengdu bus transport vehicles. In addition, the main attack "Internet +" cloud technology founder Zhu Zhu, is looking forward to their own O2O platform can serve more after the Chengdu automobile service market.
Plan to turn the business into a classroom
Mao Ke is a typical "innovation maniacal". He founded Chengdu Yunengtong Energy Development Co., Ltd., which is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of energy storage systems, especially modular lithium batteries and Stirling engine energy storage systems. In the exchange of "Rong Piao Tea Talk", his theme did not involve too much of his business history and entrepreneurial problems, but talked about a wish of his.
Mao Ke put forward the idea of building a "Geek Park" of Yunengtong to attract college students to complete the project together, and at the same time cultivate and discover talents. "The PPT I participated in the road show today was very professional, right? It was made by a sophomore student. Our reporter Miao Qin