The inspection team led by Panzhihua Economic and Information Technology Bureau

On September 22, 2019, Liu Yandong, member of Party Group and deputy director of Panzhihua Economic and Information Bureau, Ge Xianmin, researcher of Technology Development Research Center of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Research Institute, and Liao Xueyong, senior engineer of Hongjian Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., visited the company for investigation and investigation. The visiting team first visited the company's R & D technology center and production workshop, and then had an in-depth discussion. During the discussion, Yan Yan, General Manager of Luxury and the management team of the company warmly welcomed the visit of the leaders from Panzhihua Economic and Information Technology Bureau, and briefly introduced the company's history, scale and future development direction. Liu Yandong, deputy director, focused on the investment policy of Panzhihua City, and gave full affirms to the innovative and intelligent manufacturing of metal-ceramic new materials with high added value by making full use of vanadium and titanium resources of Panzhihua City, and hoped to promote the further cooperation between Panzhihua Vanadium and Titanium Group. Professor He Yuehui, Chief Technical Expert of Luxury, said that he hoped to provide appropriate material price support on the basis of mutual promotion and mutual assistance, so as to cope with the company's significantly increasing sales volume and raw material demand year by year. The production range of cermet products of the company is also expanding orderly, and we are looking forward to developing new cooperation with Panzhihua vanadium titanium group in wear-resistant parts demand and other applicable fields.

After having a preliminary understanding of the company, the research team came to the product exhibition hall of the company. Huang Jianhua, technical research and development director of the company, explained in detail the company's independent research and development of cermet products and finished product production. Director Liu and his party praised the company for its advanced technology in the field of metal ceramics. Then, accompanied by the company's management team, the research team went to the company's production workshop for in-depth investigation. The neat production workshop and scientific management of the processing site have been unanimously affirmed by the research team. Director Liu said that front-line management is an important cornerstone of manufacturing enterprises, and strict formulation and implementation is a problem that many companies have not been able to solve for many years, which shows the forward-looking vision of site management of Mercure. Then, Yan Yan, General Manager of Minexapure, introduced the company's core automation production process and mass production capacity from raw material preparation to finished product off-line in detail to the visiting research team. The advanced equipment, cutting-edge technology, efficient production and scientific management won the praise of the whole research team. During the visit, Liao Xueyong, senior engineer of Hongjian Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., and Huang Zong, director of R&D of Meexurai Technology, had an in-depth discussion and exchange on the production and manufacturing needs of the company and the direction of equipment digital customization. The two technology giants expressed to each other the spirit of scholars living in the era of Industry 4.0. Finally, director liu said his purpose is to promote communication and exchanges between the enterprise and the enterprise, thus to achieve advantage cooperation, actively promote the industrialization development of vanadium titanium mining longitudinal transverse, in panzhihua and the luxury of sharp, is based on the good cooperation for many years, to encourage and facilitate more companies in panzhihua, implement the new material in situ transformation, take advantage of sources to cover the original fujian association of foreign languages and even import channels. Mr. Yan replied that Mexorui has the high-end preparation and transformation technology of vanadium and titanium ore, and its strong financing attraction and large-scale intelligent production also guarantee the foundation of long-term cooperation. In the stable cooperation with Panzhihua and the continuous development of the company, it has played an obvious role in driving and expanding the surrounding industries of local vanadium and titanium ore. Thanks for the policy and government support of Panzhihua government. We hope that both sides can further formulate medium and long term cooperation plan and make due contribution to China's new material manufacturing industry.
At this point, the investigation is over, and Mercure sincerely thanks for the recognition and support of the research team of Panzhihua Economic and Information Technology Bureau. In the future, Mercure will make further development in the field of cermets and assume the leading role in government-enterprise cooperation by setting an example.