Welcome National Day and cheer for the Universiade! "I exercise and I am happy

On September 21st, although the weather was not very beautiful and there was a light rain, it did not affect the sports passion of the luxury athletes. They successfully completed the 5km climb up Longquan Mountain and 7km run around Qinglong Lake, which made full warm-up for the autumn sports meeting of this year.


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At the beginning of the sports meeting, Yan Yan, the general manager of the company, announced the opening ceremony of the 2020 autumn staff sports meeting of Meiselui New Materials Co., Ltd. "I exercise, I am happy". In his enthusiastic opening speech, Mr. Yan said that the employee sports meeting is a major feature of the company culture and a beautiful scenery, but also the spirit of the company's hard work and enterprising spirit. We will compete in the style, level and performance of the competition! Finally, I wish all the teams and players excellent results, and I wish the Games a complete success.


Banners are unfurled and colorful flags are fluttering. Yang Chengliang, vice minister of technology of the company, swore on behalf of the judges. All the referees and staff of the games will strictly follow the rules of the competition system, strictly check and judge justly, and successfully complete the work of referees.
At the beginning of the competition, the players have shown the momentum of not to be outdone, the competition is very fierce.

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