"I Sports · I Happy" Luxury Games pay tribute to the 70th anniversary of the

Long wait time to come
The mountains and rivers of the motherland is filled with a sea of celebration, the country played a tribute to the main song of China, the United States luxury aggressive 7 years to pay tribute to the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China! At the same time, in order to improve the health and happiness index of employees, enrich the cultural life of the spare time, and enhance the cohesion of the team, the company carefully prepared the theme sports meeting of "I Sports · I Happy" to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the motherland.

On September 30th, the sports meeting officially kicked off in Renyu Gymnasium as scheduled. The long time scoring cycle is brewing, and the company is full of enthusiasm and high morale to show their skills today. Mr. Yan, the general manager of the company, said in his speech before the competition that fighting is the survival character of the company. I hope everyone can have a heart of fighting in today's game and other daily activities. At the same time, only a healthy body can better support the soul of struggle, the company takes this opportunity to organize the sports meeting, encourage people to do more exercise at ordinary times, form a long-term exercise habit, let the strong physical quality become our efficient work and happy life of a strong guarantee. I wish you all the best of friendship and success in the race, and show your personal and team style and positive and happy spirit. Finally, on the occasion of the approaching 70th anniversary of BBB 0, all of us would like to sing a song to wish our motherland a prosperous and strong country.

The contest begins at any moment
Production minister Yang Chengliang said on behalf of the judges, although the body is black whistle, but not blow black whistle, with a fair and just attitude, strict control, civilized referee, to provide quality services for the games, complete the work of the referee.
The games set up "badminton", "tug of war", "big rope jump" and other competitive events, and "hula hoop relay", "kangaroo jump", "five people four feet" and other interesting events, both real skills and strength competition, competitive, interesting, cooperative in one.

Badminton as a traditional strength of the company, the competitors are very close to the horizontal line. The participants mentioned in the company's general manager Yan's speech before the match are the full strength of the field, not the leisurely pace of the court. The players played a game that was both entertaining and tactical, with consistent scores and friendly handshakes leaving a deep impression.

This is a long rope, the contest is the extraordinary physical strength, the test is synchronous cooperation. Competitors, take this 4-meter rope as a romantic journey, you jump me forward.

The Hula Hoop Relay Fun Project drew continuous laughter and cheers from the scene.

When the five-man four-legged project reached its climax, the importance of staffing was suddenly apparent to everyone.

The ancient book has the cloud, the middle road loses, the whole team collapses, thought that 4 people rely on him to take, actually 4 people take him to fly. This is the wrong staffing.

The middle road depends entirely on mixing, fault tolerance rate is very high, easily take him to fly, this is the correct configuration.

In the kangaroo jump project, Wang Xingzheng, the grinding team, was amazed to find that the Australian boy had returned from the jungle.
Jump too fast, no pictures.

Although the tug of war project group C used the proper black technology products, still failed to shake by the five four-legged champion team configuration seated group B secured four for three successful bottom.
Group B personnel have not yet had to mark the red rope over the boundary of the victory or loss of the moment, the rear left and right have been stormy, the results are self-evident.
Embracing time of harvest
The first prize went to He Mingyan from the Quality Department who has been coveted for a long time. The second prize went to Huang Jing and Chen Yanqiu, the two executive ladies. The third prize went to Yang Zhiyong from the Quality Department, Qin Luopan from the Production Technology Department, and He Meng from the Research and Development Department.

The awarding task by the company Qiu, Liu with a look of envy accompanied by the cheers of colleagues one by one to each winner awarded a trophy group photo, also encourage other colleagues, not afraid of failure, next year to fight again! At the same time, scientific points rules give participants with points to draw gifts. Finally, Qiu general games summary speech said that the games, exercise is the body, activation is consciousness, carry forward the spirit, showing the beauty of the luxury vigorous spirit, unity and cooperation, perseverance, aggressive spirit. It is of great significance to improve everyone's awareness of exercise, promote the communication among colleagues in the department, enrich the cultural life of employees and build a dynamic company team. It will also encourage all staff with more high morale, more full of enthusiasm, more positive attitude, in promoting the overall development of the company to achieve greater results. Wish everyone happy National Day, safety is the first!