Multi-party Gathering, Revitalizing and Advancing Together

The 22nd China Hi-tech Fair has come to a successful conclusion in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The Fair includes National Hi-tech Fair, Comprehensive Fair and Professional Fair.

At the CHTF site, Mexaru exhibited TICN ceramic blades and cutting tools, which have better performance in wear resistance, chemical stability and other aspects, and can meet the requirements of modern high precision machining. The ultra-fine nanometer bar material exhibited at the same time adopts more optimized formula and international first-class production process, which is especially suitable for processing of various difficult PCB boards in 5G industry, such as high thermal conductivity metal-based PCB boards, high TG high-frequency high-speed boards, flexible boards, etc., and has attracted the attention of a large number of customers in the field science and technology exhibition group. The continuous innovation of the product line is the strategic feedback of the continuous R&D investment in the field of cermet and powder metallurgy new materials. Innovation, research and development and production have always been the driving force of Mercure

At present, the external environment is more complex, and uncertainties and challenges are increasingly diversified. In such a critical period, Mercure continuously optimized the upstream and downstream structure, improved the industrial links, and improved the production quality during its development, providing an excellent answer to enlighten the key variable of scientific and technological innovation. As a blue-ocean pioneer and core development enterprise in the domestic cermet industry, Mercure has conveyed its innovative spirit and positive power to the industry and market through CHTF, a high-end platform attracting attention from overseas and domestic market.